Kendrick Sampson is an actor, producer and activist who leverages his platform and storytelling to shift culture for good. 

Growing up in Houston and Missouri aka “Mo City”, Texas, Kendrick Sampson was dropped into a unique and deeply rooted culture of music and art.

His most acclaimed and notable characters from “Nathan” on HBO’s Emmy-nominated comedy series, Insecure, to “Ethan” in Prime’s popular romantic comedy 

Something from Tiffany’s and his personal favorite, the surrealist satire “I am a Virgo” from Boots Riley – Kendrick has been achieving his lifelong goal of shifting culture through storytelling and uplifting nuanced, diverse, and authentic portrayals of Black men.

He uses his platform to amplify transformational grassroots work in intersectional mental health justice, sexual health and liberation and fighting state violence. Kendrick co-founded BLD PWR which includes a production company and social impact (501c3) arm whose mission is to “Reimagine and Realize the liberated future we know our people deserve” by organizing Hollywood and shifting the culture toward nourishing and protecting nuanced Black, Indigenous, and marginalized leaders and everyday people, especially our storytellers and their stories.“



Anshantia “Tia” Oso is an organizer, strategist and creative producer. Well recognized for her work as a leader in social justice,  Ms. Oso has organized for over 10 years leading successful campaigns to mobilize thousands of advocates for issues ranging from migrant rights and racial justice to arts education. She specializes in using narrative, messaging, arts and culture to advance change. Notable projects include the NY Times featured Who Owns Black Art? exhibition at Art Basel Miami and influencer impact strategy for the Mass Bail Out of Rikers Island. Tia is committed to advancing justice through love and building power for Black liberation.



Kimberli Alexander has always been a champion of empowerment, equality and efficiency – that’s why she chose to pursue a career in Human Resources (HR) and Operations after her formal education in fashion and interior design.

With over 20 years of hands-on experience in HR and Operations, Kimberli has partnered with major studios, record labels, talent management and production companies – driving the importance of communication, collaboration and teamwork as the foundation for success.  

Kimberli has used her expertise in talent acquisition, employee benefits, compliance, employee relations, performance management, training and development, management coaching, and operations management to create an infrastructure that translates into an innovative and rewarding operating culture.  Her efforts in aligning HR and Operations strategies with organizational business goals have resulted in considerable increases in efficiency, productivity, retention and cost reductions.

As the Director of Operations, People and Culture for BLD PWR, Kimberli serves as a lead team member and cross – organization liaison in managing the day-to-day operational functions, administrative infrastructure, and the project and event management for BLD PWR; through unapologetic wellness, truth and authenticity.  Kimberli provides strategic direction and oversight of the company’s people operations to support the mission, vision and values of BLD PWR.  

In her free time, Kimberli enjoys tapping into her creative side with interior design projects, art exhibits and architecture.  The southern heritage in this HR and Operations professional often steers her into creating signature meals for family and friends – many of whom seek her professional guidance as well.